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Universal Searchlet 1.22

Universal Searchlet 1.22: Search the internet comfortly from your systemtray or using a hotkey search engine, auction site and zillions of other websites that you search at! Universal Searchlet will even paste it from the clipboard for you. The most AMAZING part about this program is that you can add your own searches - as many you want - and the program even remembers all the options of the search. For example, you can create an eBay Cell Phones search! Just open the Search Engine Manager in Universal Searchlet, type in the inbuilt

My Auction Search Browser for eBay 2.2.0: eBay search engine and tabbed browser to organize and run multiple searches.
My Auction Search Browser for eBay 2.2.0

searches. The program saves you from having to re-type all your searches every time you search eBay. You will also save time by viewing eBay`s search results in a multiple browser environment. Organize Your eBay Searches into Groups and Phrases: The program lets you organize your most common eBay auction searches into Search Groups and Phrases. Each Search Group can hold up to 10 different phrases or searches. You can store 100`s of searches by creating

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SearchSites 3.6: A free, time-saving tool for searching multiple software sites.
SearchSites 3.6

SearchSites is a free, time-saving tool for software developers. It searches multiple software sites for any given program`s name, and allows you to quickly and easily see where your program is listed, and where you need to submit or update. The software works by sending your search query to the sites that you select from a list, and opening up the results from each site in their own tabbed browser.

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Arrow Search 2.0

Search the top search engines simultaneously for a better search. Get all of the best relevant results combined from search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, AltaVista and Lycos with this fast, easy-to-use and free desktop Internet meta search tool. It intelligently removes duplicate results across search engines. Features a built-in browser, automatic updates of search engines and the Arrow Search Toolbar for IE. Full help is included.

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ORACLE Object Search 1.4: Professional tool that can be used for searching all database objects and Apex
ORACLE Object Search 1.4

searched or excluded from the search by using options. There is a possibility to search for other phrase in already found earlier objects (search can be repeated several times) There is a possibility to search for the whole word or phrase in objects. It means that before the first symbol of the found text and after the last, there is no word character ([a-zA-Z0-9_]) There is a possibility to exclude Oracle comments from search. Search can be carried

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Filehunter 3.45: Filehunter finds files, searches files, multiple text,  zip, regular expressions
Filehunter 3.45

search files, ,search within search results, search zip files, view files use regular expressions, display search strings, match text , multiple search strings, uses files extensions. It searches multiple directories, & uses file dates, files size, text, attributes, case sensitive search strings & boolean operators. The program can load and save search parameters, print search results by columns, exclude extensions & view the number of occurences

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Advanced Network Search 3.5: Find any files  in your local area network within few seconds!
Advanced Network Search 3.5

Advanced Network Search is an network search engine for Windows Sharing/SMB and FTP share. It indexes network structures to achieve faster share searches in LAN. The program incorporates a built-in web-server and convenient web interface, which enables users to enter intuitive search queries. Program`s MP3 search function includes parameters as Albom, Artist or Song name. Advanced Network Search is an excellent fit for corporate and home LAN.

shares search, ftp search, smb search, mp3 search, network search engine

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